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Brigadoon - the winner of the 2019 Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 33m to 39.9m World Superyacht Award

by on 11-14-2020 in NEWS

As we are still talking about the 17 winners, let's discuss boat number 9 



Brigadoon won an Award in the category of Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 33m to 39.9m.

Brigadoon is a 36.3m luxury yacht. She was built by Moonen Yachts. Her architecture was done by René van der Velden / Diana Yacht Design. Her Exterior design was made by René van der Velden, whereas interior by  Nauta Design / Studio Indigo.

Credits: Moonen Yachts

For more information, visit https://yachtharbour.com

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