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Evolution Yacht Agents acquired by Acquera Yachting

by on 09-13-2019 in NEWS

Evolution Yacht Agents acquired by Acquera Yachting

From a strategic partnership formed several months ago, the ties between the two companies have been ‘steadily strengthened’ and has resulted in the two firms choosing to combine forces to deliver a new world-class service to the superyacht sector.

Evolution Yacht Agents founders Beatriz Alonso and Belen Martin will both become shareholders of the Group. Beatriz will continue to be managing director of Spain and will take on the role of COO. Belen will continue to run the day-to-day operations in Spain and will form part of the corporate management team.

Alonso commented, “Through our strategic partnership, we discovered that each of us has many strengths and all our efforts will now be focused on combining them. We are a hundred percent confident that all our clients will immediately feel the positive effects of our new group status. Our mission is quite simply seamless excellence and to provide the highest client satisfaction.” 

Stefano Tossiti, CEO of Acquera Yachting, also commented, “The new acquisition will dramatically allow us to increase our presence and strength across the Med and is part of Acquera Yachting's ongoing commitment to develop and expand the company. 

“One of the driving forces behind the acquisition was the incredibly high level of management team and staff in Spain, their years of experience in the industry are invaluable. They will be an excellent addition to the already existing network of offices in Italy, France, Monaco and Montenegro.”