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Yachting tips for stews and stewardesses

by on 12-28-2018 in YACHTING TIPS

A steward or stewardess is a host, a housekeeper, a manager and a creative. From junior to senior, stews are collectively responsible for the everyday running and smooth operation of the yacht’s interior and guest hospitality. The role is wide reaching, often covering everything from serving and entertaining guests to full housekeeping and accounting responsibilities. 

To help superyacht stews to get ahead, we’ve collated a list of our relevant yachting articles below.

Yacht jobs and recruitment

Finding work within a competitive industry, such as as a stewardess aboard the world’s most impressive superyachts, can be a difficult task, with many suggesting it's often not what you know but who you know that gets you where you want to be.


Training and progression

No interior training is mandatory for a stew, but to get ahead in the race, it’s highly recommended to enrol on a tailored training course or programme to improve your chances of landing a job and progressing on board.



Keeping the yacht's interior clean is a full-time job for a stew and the interior team, often requiring specialist tips and tricks to keep delicate materials and furnishings in pristine condition.



Fresh flowers are a fantastic way to add natural beauty to the yacht, yet their arrangement, care and maintenance takes specialist knowledge.


Service and tableware

Presentation and service standards are key on board a yacht, and one area where a stewardesses' job is never quite done. 



Yacht laundry is just one of the revolving daily tasks that must be undertaken on board a superyacht.


Clothing and uniforms

A superyacht stew is responsible for the ordering, washing and maintenance of the piles of crew clothing and laundry on board.


Bedding and linen

Nothing looks or feels better than a freshly made bed, but there's a lot to bear in mind when selecting bedding, towels and linens for a superyacht interior.



Luxury toiletries are the little touches that make a great difference to any superyacht interior, and a guests' time on board. 


Hair and beauty

Working as a stewardess often doesn't leave much time (or space) to maintain a full-time hair and beauty regime, yet the profession demands staff to be well groomed and presentable at all times.


Massage therapy

Massage therapists are a guest's best friend on board, helping them to relax and unwind in some of the most beautiful settings.