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The U.S. is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. Major Atlantic Coast cities are New York, a global finance and culture center, and capital Washington, DC. Midwestern metropolis Chicago is known for influential architecture and on the west coast, Los Angeles' Hollywood is famed for filmmaking.

Aventura, Fl

Aventura, Fl  (7)

Abingdon, Va

Abingdon, Va  (1)

Atlantic, Ia

Atlantic, Ia  (1)

Austin, Tx

Austin, Tx  (1)

Beaufort, NC

Beaufort, NC  (3)

Belfast, Me

Belfast, Me  (2)

Beaufort, Sc

Beaufort, Sc  (1)

Belhaven, Nc

Belhaven, Nc  (1)

Boston, MA

Boston, MA  (7)

Brooklyn, Ny

Brooklyn, Ny  (2)

Brielle, Nj

Brielle, Nj  (1)

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX  (3)

Dania, FL

Dania, FL  (5)


Davie  (2)

Falmouth, MA

Falmouth, MA  (1)

Hyannis, MA

Hyannis, MA  (1)

Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, FL  (6)

Miami, FL

Miami, FL  (74)

New York, NY

New York, NY  (33)

Newport, RI

Newport, RI  (12)

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA  (3)

Portland, ME

Portland, ME  (3)

Potomac, MD

Potomac, MD  (1)

San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA  (27)

Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA  (7)

Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA  (20)

Stuart, FL

Stuart, FL  (19)

Tacoma, WA

Tacoma, WA  (4)

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL  (2)

Brinnon, Wa

Brinnon, Wa  (0)

Cape May, Nj

Cape May, Nj  (2)

Cataumet, Ma

Cataumet, Ma  (1)

Clinton, Ct

Clinton, Ct  (0)

Cocoa, Fl

Cocoa, Fl  (0)

Connelly, Ny

Connelly, Ny  (1)

Coinjock, Nc

Coinjock, Nc  (2)

Deland, Fl

Deland, Fl  (0)

Edenton, Nc

Edenton, Nc  (2)

Encino, Ca

Encino, Ca  (1)

Essex, Ct

Essex, Ct  (3)

Essex, Ny

Essex, Ny  (1)

Harrison, Ny

Harrison, Ny  (0)

Hartford, Ct

Hartford, Ct  (0)

Harvey, La

Harvey, La  (0)

Hatboro, Pa

Hatboro, Pa  (1)

Hatteras, Nc

Hatteras, Nc  (1)

Hialeah, Fl

Hialeah, Fl  (2)

Hickory, Nc

Hickory, Nc  (0)

Hingham, Ma

Hingham, Ma  (0)

Hoboken, Nj

Hoboken, Nj  (0)

Holiday, Fl

Holiday, Fl  (0)

Holmdel, Nj

Holmdel, Nj  (0)

Honolulu, Hi

Honolulu, Hi  (3)

Hoquaim, Wa

Hoquaim, Wa  (0)

Hospers, Ia

Hospers, Ia  (0)

Houma, La

Houma, La  (0)

Houston, Tx

Houston, Tx  (4)

Hudson, Fl

Hudson, Fl  (0)

Hudson, Ma

Hudson, Ma  (0)

Hudson, Nh

Hudson, Nh  (0)

Huron, Oh

Huron, Oh  (0)

Hurst, Tx

Hurst, Tx  (0)

Inglis, Fl

Inglis, Fl  (0)

Irvine, Ca

Irvine, Ca  (1)

Irving, Tx

Irving, Tx  (0)

Jackson, Ca

Jackson, Ca  (1)

kahalui, Hi

kahalui, Hi  (0)

kalama, Wa

kalama, Wa  (0)

Kaukauna, Wi

Kaukauna, Wi  (0)

kemah, Tx

kemah, Tx  (1)

Kenosha, Wi

Kenosha, Wi  (0)

Kent, Wa

Kent, Wa  (0)

Key West, Fl

Key West, Fl  (4)

Kinder, La

Kinder, La  (0)

Kirkland, Wa

Kirkland, Wa  (0)

Kittery, Me

Kittery, Me  (1)

Kodiak, Ak

Kodiak, Ak  (1)

Kapolei, Hi

Kapolei, Hi  (1)

Kohler, Wi

Kohler, Wi  (0)

La Jolla, Ca

La Jolla, Ca  (0)

La Port, In

La Port, In  (1)

Laconia, Nh

Laconia, Nh  (0)

Lakewood, Ca

Lakewood, Ca  (0)

Lantana, Fl

Lantana, Fl  (1)

Largo, Fl

Largo, Fl  (3)


Lauderhill  (0)

Leesburg, Va

Leesburg, Va  (0)

Leland, Nc

Leland, Nc  (0)

Lenexa, Ks

Lenexa, Ks  (0)

Lincoln, Il

Lincoln, Il  (0)

Lynnwood, Wa

Lynnwood, Wa  (0)

Madison, Wi

Madison, Wi  (0)

Mahwah, Nj

Mahwah, Nj  (0)

Maine, Me

Maine, Me  (0)

Malibu, Ca

Malibu, Ca  (0)

Manistee, Mi

Manistee, Mi  (0)

Manteo, Nc

Manteo, Nc  (1)

Marathon, Fl

Marathon, Fl  (3)

Margate, Fl

Margate, Fl  (0)

Maryland, Nd

Maryland, Nd  (0)

Mashpee, Ma

Mashpee, Ma  (1)

Matthews, Nc

Matthews, Nc  (0)

Medford, Nj

Medford, Nj  (0)

Medford, Or

Medford, Or  (0)

Medley, Fl

Medley, Fl  (0)

Memphis TN,

Memphis TN,  (1)

Mentor, Oh

Mentor, Oh  (0)

Meridian, Id

Meridian, Id  (0)

Methuen, Ma

Methuen, Ma  (0)

Michigan, In

Michigan, In  (0)

Midland, Mi

Midland, Mi  (0)

Milford, Ct

Milford, Ct  (0)

Milford, Nh

Milford, Nh  (0)

Milton, Ga

Milton, Ga  (0)

Missouri, Mo

Missouri, Mo  (2)

Mobile, Al

Mobile, Al  (0)

Modesto, Ca

Modesto, Ca  (1)

Monmouth, Nj

Monmouth, Nj  (0)

Montauk, Ny

Montauk, Ny  (2)

Monterey, Ca

Monterey, Ca  (0)

Morris, Ct

Morris, Ct  (0)

Mukilteo, Wa

Mukilteo, Wa  (0)

Mystic, Ct

Mystic, Ct  (0)

Nahant, Ma

Nahant, Ma  (0)

Napa, Ca

Napa, Ca  (0)

Naples, Fl

Naples, Fl  (3)

Nashotah, Wi

Nashotah, Wi  (0)

Nashua, Nh

Nashua, Nh  (0)

Neenah, Wi

Neenah, Wi  (0)

Neodesha, Ks

Neodesha, Ks  (0)

New Bern, Nc

New Bern, Nc  (3)

Newark, De

Newark, De  (0)

Newark, Nj

Newark, Nj  (0)

Newburgh, Ny

Newburgh, Ny  (1)

Newport, Nh

Newport, Nh  (2)

Newton, Ma

Newton, Ma  (0)

Niles, Mi

Niles, Mi  (0)

Noank, Ct

Noank, Ct  (0)

Nokomis, Fl

Nokomis, Fl  (1)

Norwalk, Ct

Norwalk, Ct  (1)

Norwich, Ct

Norwich, Ct  (1)

Novi, Mi

Novi, Mi  (0)

Oakdale, Ny

Oakdale, Ny  (1)

Ocala, Fl

Ocala, Fl  (0)

Ocoee, Fl

Ocoee, Fl  (0)

Ogden, Ut

Ogden, Ut  (1)

Olathe, Ks

Olathe, Ks  (0)

Oldsmar, Fl

Oldsmar, Fl  (0)

Olean, Ny

Olean, Ny  (0)

Olympia, Wa

Olympia, Wa  (0)

Orange, Ca

Orange, Ca  (0)

Orcas, Wa

Orcas, Wa  (1)

Orlando, Fl

Orlando, Fl  (5)

Oriental, Nc

Oriental, Nc  (1)

Osprey, Fl

Osprey, Fl  (0)

Oxford, Md

Oxford, Md  (0)

Oxnard, Ca

Oxnard, Ca  (0)

Palatine, Il

Palatine, Il  (0)

Palmetto, Fl

Palmetto, Fl  (1)

Pasadena, Md

Pasadena, Md  (0)

Pembroke, Ma

Pembroke, Ma  (1)

Peoria, Il

Peoria, Il  (0)

Pewaukee, Wi

Pewaukee, Wi  (0)

Phoenix, Az

Phoenix, Az  (2)

Plano, Tx

Plano, Tx  (0)

Plymouth, Ma

Plymouth, Ma  (0)

Plymouth, Mi

Plymouth, Mi  (0)

Poulsbo, Wa

Poulsbo, Wa  (0)

Pryor, Ok

Pryor, Ok  (0)

Purchase, Ny

Purchase, Ny  (0)

Quincy, Ma

Quincy, Ma  (1)

Quincy, Wa

Quincy, Wa  (0)

Racine, Wi

Racine, Wi  (1)

Radnor, Pa

Radnor, Pa  (0)

Raleigh, Nc

Raleigh, Nc  (1)

Raritan, Nj

Raritan, Nj  (0)

Redding, Ct

Redding, Ct  (0)

Redford, Mi

Redford, Mi  (0)

Reston, Va

Reston, Va  (0)

Richland, Ms

Richland, Ms  (0)

Richmond, Ca

Richmond, Ca  (0)

Richmond, Va

Richmond, Va  (0)

Rockaway, Nj

Rockaway, Nj  (0)

Rockford, Mi

Rockford, Mi  (0)

Rockland, Ma

Rockland, Ma  (0)

Rockland, Me

Rockland, Me  (3)

Rockport, Me

Rockport, Me  (0)

Rockport, Mn

Rockport, Mn  (0)

Rome, Ga

Rome, Ga  (0)

Roseburg, Or

Roseburg, Or  (0)

Rowayton, Ct

Rowayton, Ct  (0)

Saco, Me

Saco, Me  (0)

Saginaw, Mi

Saginaw, Mi  (1)

Salem, Ma

Salem, Ma  (1)

Salem, Nh

Salem, Nh  (0)

San Jose, Ca

San Jose, Ca  (0)

Sanford, Fl

Sanford, Fl  (0)

Santa Fe, Nm

Santa Fe, Nm  (0)

Sarasota, Fl

Sarasota, Fl  (7)

Scranton, Pa

Scranton, Pa  (1)

Seabrook, Tx

Seabrook, Tx  (0)

Sealy, Tx

Sealy, Tx  (0)

Sebring, Fl

Sebring, Fl  (1)

Secaucus, Nj

Secaucus, Nj  (0)

Sedona, Az

Sedona, Az  (0)

Seekonk, Ma

Seekonk, Ma  (0)

Sewell, Nj

Sewell, Nj  (0)

Sherwood, Ar

Sherwood, Ar  (1)

Shelton, Ct

Shelton, Ct  (0)

Solomons, Md

Solomons, Md  (1)

Sparks, Nv

Sparks, Nv  (0)

Spring Hill,

Spring Hill,  (0)

St Louis, Mo

St Louis, Mo  (0)

St Paul, Mn

St Paul, Mn  (0)

Stafford, Tx

Stafford, Tx  (0)

Stamford, Ct

Stamford, Ct  (3)

Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay  (0)

Taunton, Ma

Taunton, Ma  (0)

Tavares, Fl

Tavares, Fl  (0)

Tempe, Az

Tempe, Az  (0)

Tequesta, Fl

Tequesta, Fl  (0)

Tiburon, Ca

Tiburon, Ca  (0)

Tiverton, Ri

Tiverton, Ri  (1)

Tracy, Ca

Tracy, Ca  (0)

Trenton, Nj

Trenton, Nj  (0)

Troy, Oh

Troy, Oh  (0)

Tulsa, Ok

Tulsa, Ok  (0)

Union, Me

Union, Me  (0)

Vandalia, Oh

Vandalia, Oh  (0)

Vista, Ca

Vista, Ca  (0)

Warwick, Ri

Warwick, Ri  (1)

Westerly, Ri

Westerly, Ri  (0)

Westlake, Tx

Westlake, Tx  (0)

Westmont, Il

Westmont, Il  (1)

Weston, Ct

Weston, Ct  (0)

Westport, Ma

Westport, Ma  (0)

Weymouth, Ma

Weymouth, Ma  (1)

Wichita, KS,

Wichita, KS,  (1)

Willits, Ca

Willits, Ca  (0)

Windsor, Nc

Windsor, Nc  (1)

Yarmouth, Me

Yarmouth, Me  (1)

Yakima, Wa

Yakima, Wa  (0)

York, Me

York, Me  (0)

York, Pa

York, Pa  (0)

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